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Why Chose PKF Payroll Services?

• Cost savings and increased efficiency
• Industry best practice
• Eliminate the need for payroll software, licences, support and on-going training
• Payroll expertise and resources without the worry of cover for holidays and emergency leave
• Compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements
• Our Reputation – PKF are committed to providing nothing but the best for our clients, so to achieve this, we only use the best resources.
• Access to additional expertise for requirements such as; Redundancy, Secondments, Share Options, Benefits, SARP from our parent company PKF O’Connor Leddy & Holmes Ltd

We work with you to ensure a seamless transition as continuity is imperative. We have an implementation plan and project lead which will guide you through the process of what is required to have the payroll implemented and parallel runs will be in place to ensure that your payroll balances before go-live.

We cater for any size company and tailor our service to cover for all frequencies, employees paid etc.

Payroll is our business. By outsourcing your payroll to PKF Payroll you have the comfort of knowing that there’s a whole team of payroll experts looking after payroll and you’re not dependent on just one or two people with the associated risk of ‘single point of failure’. Outsourcing to PKF Payroll eliminates the cost associated with software requirements and support for payroll systems. It takes away the hassles and removes the onus of keeping up to date with the ever changing tax legislation and calculations. We provide total confidentiality and payroll information is controlled in a sensitive manner.

We understand that every company has varying complexities within their payroll so we listen and understand what will work best with your organization. At PKF we have invaluable, collective years’ experience in identifying and resolving complex payroll issues with access to a range of specialist tax advisors, should the need arise. Our Team are IPASS qualified and are seasoned Payroll Specialists. We combine professional knowledge with experience to ensure that your payroll is processed correctly.

Our combination of experience, common sense, professional training and professional resources ensure your payroll is processed correctly and on-time, every time.

With our flexible payroll outsourcing services, you pay for the level of service you need to suit the needs of your business. We have designed our service with a set fee structure, you pay a fixed fee so you can plan the costs of your payroll processing. There are no hidden charges and fees are not transaction based.

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